Our pricing structure at O’Neils Hairdressing Banbury is based on the ability and experience of our stylists and we have prices to suit all budgets. Graduate stylists are gaining experience and offer great value for money.


All prices quoted are standard

Service Stylist Senior Stylist Director Stylist Jeff O'Neil
Cut and Finish £52.50 £57.50 £63.00 £73.50
Blow-dry £35.95 £35.95 £40.95 £46.95
Blow-dry (Long Hair) £42.95 £42.95 £47.95 £52.95


Classic Gentleman’s Cut & Finish

Service Stylist Senior Stylist Director Stylist Jeff O'Neil
Cut and Finish £30.95 £37.80 £43.00 £51.50

At O’Neil’s it is very important we protect our clients as much as possible. When deciding to have your hair coloured with us, it is imperative to have a skin test first. Although our colouring products are completely safe and as gentle as possible, anybody can be allergic to colour, and in the most severe cases, an allergic reaction to hair dye can result in hospitalisation.

By not carrying out the procedure, we will not be complying with manufacturing instructions and therefore compromising our duty of care to you.

At O’Neil’s we have 2 procedures in place for skin testing to suit you. These procedures will be discussed as part of your colour consultation with one of the stylists. Consultations are free of charge.

Due to the very nature our colouring services, you will not be able to book online. Please ring the salon and we will help out with your inquires.

Classic Colouring

Excluding Cut & Finish

Service Short/Medium Long
Refresh & Tone £27.75 £30.90
Semi Colour £61.00 £66.00
Block Colour Regrowth £61.00 £61.00
Block Colour Full Head £66.00 £71.00
Bleach & Toner* £79.00 £89.00

Classic Foiling

All Classic Foiling Services include specific conditioning masks ensuring great healthy hair.

Service Short/Medium Long
Parting Section £61.00 £66.00
3/4 Head £76.50 £81.50
Full Head £86.50 £97.00

Personalised Colour

Classic colour and Classic Foiling Combined.
Includes toner, effective repairing, strengthening and nourishing treatments for total protection of your hair.

Service Short Medium Long
Personalised Colour £94.50 £106.50 £118.50

Specialised Colour

Any Colouring Technique such as Flamboyage/ Colour Correction / Balayage, which involves stripping out previous colour to achieve a new colour. Includes toner, effective repairing, strengthening and nourishing treatments. (Total protection for your hair).

Service Short Medium Long
Personalised Colour £133.50 £184.50 £236.50


Permanently wavy, curly or straight, depending on your desired finish.

Service Short/Medium Long
Root Lift £55.00 N/A
3/4 Perm £66.00 £71.00
Conditioning Perm £76.00 £86.50

Smoothing System

Frizz free hair for up to 3 months.

Service Short Medium Long Very Long
Smoothing System £102.00 £130.00 £160.50 £192.00


At O'Neils Hair we provide clients with a free one to one consultation for your cut and colour. Contact us today to arrange yours.



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